Thursday, May 17, 2012

On the 22nd of February 2011 an extremely violent earthquake struck the city of Christchurch, New Zealand at lunchtime. Buildings and facades crumble and many lives were lost. Since that day the people of Christchurch have been locked out of the heart of our city. We have peered through the wire fences that keep us from the places we lived our lives, the places we once worked, the place where we ate, drank, laughed with friends, wandered with loved ones. The places the were special to us. It has been over a year and in that time the dinosaurs and beasts have moved in to systematically tear it all down. From the edges we see the barren and scarred spaces that were once places we shopped, chatted, were inspired by, but are now holes in the ground or mounds of rubble. We don't know what goes on deep in the heart. We don't know when we will see those spaces again. But we do know that our central city is gone forever in the form we knew and loved. There are only beasts and dinosaurs now.

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Above is my response to the earthquakes, the loss of my city. In a small way I feel better for taking a little bit of the fringe of the CBD back and making it mine again. I wonder how long my little installations will last. If you are in Christchurch you can visit them, simply copy the link below each photo into your browser and you'll get a google map of their location. And a reminder of what was once there. If you are interested in a high res copy of any of the photos (I've only use very low quality ones here) please leave a comment. I hope my little animals can bring a little magic back into our poor ravaged hearts.